Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BOXeight for genart Fashion Week kickoff

This is my first post, so I think its only fair that I write about my Fashion Week experience even thought its not all that recent... ohh who cares! My friend Ally and I went to the BOXeight/genart LA fashion week kick-off show and we were very lucky to see not one but three shows from new and up-and-coming designers. I was extremely excited about Raquel Allegra being one of the designers featured and was even more so when I heard that Society for Rational Dress was appearing too. The only designer I wasn't too familiar with was Grai.

Raquel Allegra, Society For Rational Dress, and Grai

What I wore: Alexander Wang baggy long-sleeved sweater, Member's Only liquid leggings, and Dolce Vita booties (you can't even see the last two!)
Im not gonna lie, getting like a-bajillion compliments on that amaaazing sweater was a good feeling!

We left the camera at home so the only pics we have of ourselves are the ones that other people took of us (they're professional, I'm not complaining!). I also couldn't snap photos of the looks I loved the most but when I can round up some pics on the Internet of my faves, I'll show you (if your not already too bored with fashion week... hah.)


pics courtesy of : Relivelastnight and Beseeninhollywood.com


  1. love the wang sweater you are wearing.

    looks like funnnn.

  2. I think you look absolutely darling in that sweater. I applaud your beginnings and can't wait to check back for more!


  3. I still can't get that Alexander Wang sweater off my mind! Gahhh gorgeous :) too bad Florida's 98º weather won't do it any justice!! :/


  4. yeay you have the wang sweater so so coool


    bonne nuit

  5. Are you selling your sweater? If so, what's your asking price and what size is it? I'm dying to have it!