Monday, November 30, 2009


I haven't posted ANYTHING in months. Ughh. Things have just been so crazy with school/home/sports/blahhhblahhwhatever that i didn't really have any time (or anything interesting going on for that matter) to post :(. But I PROMISE that im going to try and write something interesting to read every day. Alright? Alright. (:

I was totally lazy when it came to shopping on black friday but i did manage to score one awesome piece...

Oh Yeah. The Silence and Noise Rally Jacket! It was originally $138 and I got it for $20! It was seriously a calling. It was the only one left and it just happened to be a size small! (Can you not tell that I'm totally excited?!) It looks a lot like the Alexander Wang Faded Denim Jacket and Leather Combo Jacket that I've seen so many of my favorite celebs and models wearing. *Sigh.

Another way to supress my Alexander Wang obsession...
Alexander Wang: $595. Silence and Noise: $20. Good deal? Thats Right. (:

Pics: Urban Outfitters and Shopbop


  1. Hey I read on the purse forum you were selling your alexander wang baggy sweater?
    I was hoping I'm not too late and you haven't sold it yet??


  2. Oh my G, I know. I feel like I belong in New York. Sooo fun. :) That jacket is ace.